Changing Anesthesia Providers: The Playbook for a Simple and Sustainable Transition

The current economic and regulatory environment has hospitals intensely focused on controlling costs and improving revenue while enhancing the quality of care. Hospitals are deeply concerned about the increased competition for their market’s most productive surgeons. Many are dedicating significant resources towards creating an efficient OR that increases surgical throughput and keeps their surgeons happy. As such, hospitals need more than ever, for all of their staff and service providers to be aligned with these goals to ensure and sustain success.

Unfortunately, hospital administrators are expressing increased dissatisfaction with their anesthesia groups for not realizing that surgeons, nurses, and the C-Suite – and not just patients – are the customer. Today, it’s imperative that the anesthesia group be comprised of leaders who keep the OR running efficiently, keep surgeons and patients satisfied and provide services that will improve the hospital’s overall case volume and revenue.

This white paper:
• Uncovers the signs that indicate a change in anesthesia services may be due
• Explores how to identify and onboard a new anesthesia provider
• Outlines best practices on how to ensure a smooth transition