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NAPA’s affiliated pain management organization, North American Partners in Pain Management (NAPPM), is dedicated to alleviating suffering with severe, acute and chronic pain management services and anesthetic treatments.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life and function of patients, ranging from older adolescent to geriatric, with either benign or malignant persistent pain via pain management after surgery. We focus on relieving pain with epidural anesthesia when a patient does not respond to traditional methods of treatment. NAPPM also helps our patients avoid the physical and psychological complications that may arise from their conditions.

It all begins with assessing each patient and diagnosing the source of their discomfort. Based on our findings, we then create a treatment plan that includes procedures, medications or a combination of therapies. Our doctors typically work closely with other treating physicians for maximum patient benefit.

To ensure the best approach to treatment is taken, we continuously reevaluate our patients, based on the effectiveness of our pain management services. To learn more about our pain management services, click on one of the following links:

Click here to view a list of all NAPPM’s locations.

Click here to download NAPPM’s New Patient Questionnaire.

Click here to download NAPPM’s Follow-up Patient Questionnaire.