Remote Video Auditing Technology Helps Hospitals Create a Measurable Patient Safety Culture and Boost the Bottom Line

Is it possible to instill a patient safety culture with measurable results, add volume and increase surgeon and patient satisfaction?

Developed to improve patient safety protocols, NAPA Peak Performance²® was developed by North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA) using remote video auditing (RVA) technology. It has sparked a 60% reduction in first case start time delays and a 15% improvement in OR turnover. The technology is yielding promising results: data from more than 10,000 cases shows that environments for patients are safer, surgeons are happier and OR efficiency has markedly increased. The system has even been highlighted by The Joint Commission Resources Quality & Safety Network (JCRQSN) for its success.

This white paper addresses:
• The challenges inherent in creating a culture of patient safety and trust
• How non-punitive, real-time feedback boosts hospital safety, efficiency metrics and the bottom line
• Your ability to conquer challenges at your hospital by "improving quality with less" through NAPA Peak Performance²