clinical-performance-improvement-program-body1As a founding member of the Anesthesia Business Group (ABG), NAPA supports the development of the largest, nationwide, federally qualified Patient Safety Organization quality assurance database, comprised of over 3 million anesthetics. NAPA gathers data metrics on nearly every anesthetic performed by its clinicians and produces reports for its ASC partners to address performance, training needs, clinician evaluations and fiscal accountability. The integration of this “real-time” collection of data with NAPA’s own clinical performance improvement has resulted in the most robust quality program in the industry.

NAPA collects, analyzes and disseminates data that examines nearly all aspects of an ASC’s performance and productivity.

Examples include:

  • Types and complexity of cases
  • OR efficiency, usage, turnover and throughput
  • Surgeon-specific admissions data
  • Incidence of post-operative nausea, vomiting, patient temperature and pain