anesthesia-practices-bodyWhy Your Practice Should Join NAPA

Many anesthesia practices do an exemplary job of administering sedation and care for their patients, but have trouble adjusting to the increasing and oftentimes seemingly conflicting expectations that we thrust upon them. For these practices, there is much to be gained from partnering with North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA).

Unlike large entities with business models that overemphasize cost cutting, NAPA serves as a physician advocate that is focused on supporting and investing in their clinicians to ensure they succeed in the day-to-day practice of medicine—as individuals and as a team.

Highlights of a NAPA Partnership Benefits

  • Leading edge clinical and business management systems and tools
  • Extensive management infrastructure and professional services
  • Access to critical benchmarking data and quality assurance initiatives
  • Support for local clinical leadership from NAPA’s regional leadership and national peer network
  • Emergency staffing support from a pool of talented NAPA clinicians
  • Unified recruitment programs and leadership training
  • Lower cost of equipment and supplies

With the clinical integration of your practice and NAPA, your practice retains local autonomy in your community and maintains its clinical decision making structure while collaborating with NAPA via the NAPA’s Council of Chiefs.

We will support your staff by taking care of the administrative burden so your clinical team can focus on doing what they do best. The decisions we make together will improve your bottom line—but never at the expense of patient care.

There’s no denying that the industry is trending towards consolidation. Becoming part of one of the largest single-specialty anesthesia and perioperative management companies in the U.S., North American Partners in Anesthesia, could be the smartest move your practice has ever made.