One key to our approach is placing a NAPA-trained, local anesthesia leader or Anesthesia Chair, as the head of the anesthesia department. At each partner hospital, NAPA’s local clinical perioperative leadership begins and ends with the Anesthesia Chair, who normally also manages the OR and perioperative functions. The Chair of Anesthesia coordinates and capitalizes on aligning surgical, nursing and hospital assets and develops additional resources to create a cycle of positive, self-sustaining outcomes. This comprehensive view of the entire process, from pre-surgical testing to patient discharge, enables the Chair to provide effective operational anesthesia leadership that gets results – improving financial results and clinical outcomes.

With NAPA, local clinical and operational anesthesia leadership is supported by a solid national infrastructure. To ensure consistency with NAPA policies and best practices, the Anesthesia Chair works with a NAPA Regional Clinical Director. In addition, NAPA’s Anesthesia Chief Council provides every local anesthesia chair with access to an exclusive peer-to-peer network of NAPA clinical leaders across the nation.

What to expect from NAPA’s local leadership:

  • Develop annual OR action plan
  • Run day-to-day operations and guide facility’s management
  • Ensure proper staffing
  • Set best practices for improved performance using NAPA’s national resources
    Participate on internal committees and review boards
  • Ensure 24/7 staffing, with NAPA cross-privileged clinicians as a safety net