Video Monitoring2NAPA Peak Performance² is a unique, real-time, remote video auditing system in partnership with Arrowsight, a developer of RVA software. The initial goal was to improve hand-washing compliance at a community hospital in New York. With NAPA Peak Performance² in place, compliance improved dramatically — from less than 18 percent to nearly 100 percent. Building on this success, the system was installed in eight operating rooms at a second New York-based hospital. Almost immediately, it helped to improve compliance with surgical timeouts to prevent wrong-site surgeries and other errors. The system also helped identify and improve communication delays that impact surgical suite schedules and hospital terminal cleaning. Real-time feedback and innovative uses of smart phone applications created near-perfect compliance in all scenarios, safer patient outcomes and higher satisfaction ratings, especially among surgeons.

Currently, Peak Performance² is in over 100 ORs in New York and Pennsylvania.

Watch the video below to learn more about NAPA Peak Performance² and hear testimonials regarding the impact it’s making on healthcare.