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Patient Information

At North American Partners in Anesthesia (NAPA), we pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to individualized, quality patient care. After all, NAPA is one of the premier single specialty anesthesia and perioperative management companies in the country. As such, our patients expect and deserve the safest anesthesiology services possible from our experienced anesthesiologists and anesthetists.

We understand that having a surgical procedure is a stressful experience but, rest assured, you are in good hands. Our anesthesia professionals are ready, willing and able to help you in any and every way possible-with your anesthesiologist’s primary focus being your comfort and safety.

With NAPA, our patients always come first and everything we do revolves around them. We have created a series of tools to help educate and guide you through this process. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones become more prepared and relaxed for your surgery and anesthesia.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for here, contact either your NAPA anesthesiologist or NAPA’s Customer Service Department at 1 (888) 240-1793.