A Pathway to Optimal Patient Outcomes, Surgeon Satisfaction and Value-based Payments

NAPA CEO John F. Di Capua, MD says, “Hospitals make money when patients become loyal to one health system…for many young families, their first step in building a hospital relationship begins with a great childbirth experience.” This white paper addresses:

• How QI has evolved over a century to monetize value over volume
• How millennial moms, representing 83% of new mothers, are now the $2.4 million social media influencer—and what that means for obstetric services and hospital brand loyalty
• How NAPA deploys QI intelligence to solve problems and create value for its healthcare partners.

As hospitals move towards a consumer-driven, service industry model, learn how NAPA works to integrate QI data with actionable plans that transform the patient experience, yielding greater revenue for providers.